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Transporting Dangerous Goods by Road | Unit Standard 16718

D Endorsement

If you are transporting dangerous goods, you will need to have a dangerous goods (D) endorsement on your driver licence. 

This course is designed to teach drivers, loaders and handlers how to transport and handle dangerous goods legally and safely.

Renewed every five years, to be eligible to sit this course you need a minimum of a Class 1 New Zealand car licence (learner, restricted or full).

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D Endorsement - Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road - Unit Standard 16718


Incl. GST


Trainee must have and supply a copy of a minimum of a learner Class 2 NZ drivers licence

Trainee must have a NSN number

Unit Standard 16718


National Student Number (NSN)

The National Student Number (NSN) is a unique number given to every student by the Ministry of Education.

The use of the NSN is governed by the Education and Training Act 2020 (see sections 649, 661 and clause 17 of Schedule 1).

Your NSN is assigned to you by the Secretary for Education.

You may use or disclose your NSN for any purpose.

How can I find out what my NSN is?

If you're currently at school, you can ask your school for your NSN. 

You can call the NZQA Call Centre on 0800 697 296;

or complete this form for assistance.


Frequently asked questions ...

Who needs a Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement?

If you’re transporting dangerous goods by road, you will need to have a dangerous goods (D) endorsement on your driver licence.

What is the aim of this course?

  • This course is designed to provide you (loaders, drivers, handlers and others) with the knowledge and skills required to transport and handle dangerous goods legally and safely.
  • To enable you, upon successful completion of the course, to apply for your "D" driver licence endorsement.

Are you eligible to sit this course?

You will need to hold a minimum of a Class 1 New Zealand Car Licence (Learner, Restricted or Full), and if you do then you are eligible to sit this course.

How long are D Endorsements valid for? 

Dangerous Goods “D” endorsements are valid for 5 years, and must be renewed within five (5) years of expiry.

How long does this course take?

We suggest you allow for a 6 - 8 hour day, but if you have requested a one-on-one training session it will depend on your prior knowledge and how much time is required to assure the trainer that you are competent in your knowledge and for you to complete your assessment.

What Unit Standard is covered, and can I have the Unit Standard added to your Record of Learning with NZQA?

16718 is the Unit Standard covered in this course, and yes, it is a requirement for us to add your earned credits to your Record of Learning, and our course includes the NZQA credit registration fees (for the relevant endorsements chosen), but excludes the NZQA Hook-on fee if you do not have a NSN number. This is currently an additional cost of $23.00.

Once you have successfully completed the course, do you have your D endorsement?

No. On successful completion of the course you will receive a course certificate. On its own this certificate is not a licence or an endorsement. You must take it to a licensing agent (VTNZ, AA, VINZ) and have it added to your licence. There is an additional fee for this, which is payable to the licensing agent.

YOU MUST present the course certificate to a licensing agent within 60 days - otherwise you will have to pay for and re-sit the course again.

What is the assessment process?

This course includes theory training and an open book assessment.

How do you apply for your D Endorsement to be added to your licence?

You need to visit a licencing agency; and

What is NOT included in your course?

Our course fees do not include:

- NZTA or licensing agency fees;

- NZQA Hook-on fee (if you do not have an NSN number);

- Eyesight or medical fees (if required).

Where does FIT hold courses?

We hold courses in Hamilton, South Auckland, Tauranga, Taupo. We can hold private courses, onsite at your facility, anywhere in New Zealand. We are happy to chat with you about your requirements - contact us to discuss.

How many trainees do you allow per training session?

Training sessions at our facilities are limited by room size which varies from place to place, however we generally limit a class to 12 persons. Training sessions at your facility will be dependent on room size availability (and Health & Safety requirements).

Do we cancel a class if it is under-subscribed?

No, our classes go ahead even if there is only one trainee.


*Forklift Industrial Training reserves the right to amend our pricing at any time. Trainer travel fee may apply depending on your location.